About Us

(The True RL Story)

My journey as a kajira began approximatley 6  years ago. I happened to come across some literary material written by a man called John Norman. Suffice to say as an avid reader I happened to read the series in a few days. I wasnt too impressed with the way in the material was written however certain elements of the book really intriged me. I decided to do some further research about the material and lo and behold there were people who actually lived the elements of the lifestyle in their daily lives. Now at that time I knew that I was submissive to say the least and I knew that my submission went further that most people. As a young novice I was instantly thrust into a world I totally understood. Id finally found my place. I knew who I was and what I was here for and that was to be a slave.. even more so a kajira.

At first I was shy but with time I opened up to many people who came around. I made so many "friends" and lost so many. But there was one person who stayed with me. To be honest no one saw anything special about him but I most certainly did. What attracted me to him was his sense of loyalty, his sense of trust, the way I could love yet fear him at the same time. Over the next 4 years I became so intimate with this person I almost felt that this man was like something I was missing. I grew to fear that feeling